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Retail banking system PxRetail

PxRetail is a retail banking System. The goal of the project was to create a complex solution for small bank offices providing entire spectrum of retail banking operations. It includes a system of automation of most types of Ukrainian banks deposit operations as well as currency exchange operations, currency conversion, operation with precious metals, public utilities fees, money transfer using payment systems and many others. The system was successfully applied to production in several Ukrainian banks.

PxRetail product features:

  • System implements all the vital banking routines and can operate independently in an offline bank's branch.
  • The architecture of the system is completely modular which makes it highly extensible
  • The system can operate in a special master-slave mode when all financial operations are synchronized between several bank's branches.
  • User authentication and authorization is implemented in the system as well as a tool designed for users profile creation and administration.
  • System is delivered with free third-party software which makes it really cheap to use in production
  • User of the system is able to create new or modify existent reports using special report builder tool
  • This tool in fact is just another module integrated into the main graphic user interface

MZL&Novatech trafficstatistic tool

MZL&Novatech trafficstatistic is freeware cross-platform tool monitors and logs Ethernet traffic statistics, and provides a detailed breakdown on daily usage, as well as per service and target host. The program works on the IP packet level, therefore it can report on all the traffic, regardless whether the traffic was made by a browser, file sharing software, email client or any other application or protocol. Additional features include optional exclusion of LAN traffic, user-friendly report interface and more.

Traffic metered charge plans are essential for broadband internet usage. Home users are not only able to count the traffic, but are also able to monitor which hosts, services or ports are the top traffic consumers. MZL & Novatech TrafficStatistic for Windows shows the consumed traffic volume comfortably in system tray. It's free - without any adware or spyware inside and without any time limitation. Just download it, install it and find out how easy this bandwidth monitor is to use.

Professional users appreciate the underlying IPTDR engine. On a dedicated server it allows to monitor bandwidth consumption and in conjunction with a Time Interval Report incidents of high bandwidth usage in the past can be examined. In a network environment the strength of the system are that the IP Traffic Detail Record (IPTDR) engine resolves hostnames to the IP address on the fly, so it can work in a DHCP enabled network. Enhanced with a Multi Optional Report, which cost less than many shareware programs, MZL & Novatech's traffic statistics freeware can be enhanced up to a billing and accounting system of an internet cafe or WLAN access point.

MZL&Novatech product features:

  • Real-time bandwidth monitoring in the system tray
  • Traffic development reporting
  • Detailed reporting on hosts and services
  • Optional filters to exclude internal traffic
  • No further hardware or software needed
  • DHCP capable IPTDR engine- absolutely easy to use
  • Is delivered with free of charge pre-installed traffic usage report
  • Flexible reporting system allows adding new reports as plug-in modules
  • Operates on Window 9x,2k,XP, Linux, Sun Solaris

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  • 10/05/2007 Operation with precious metals was implemented as a part of 7.2.7 release
  • 15/03/2007 Delivery of PxRetail retail banking product is accomplished for Expo-bank
  • 20/05/2006 PxRetail system is applied to production in Odessa-bank

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