Offshore Software development

Novatech provides its customers with software development services in the following areas:
  •  Application development, integration and maintenance
    Simple console programs or multi-tiered, scalable, high performance enterprise solutions like complex billing systems can be developed for Novatech's clients.
  •  Web, application and multimedia design
    Complete design for web sites and portals, web interfaces for existing legacy systems, site's business logic implementation and much more about web can be provided.
  •  Data and application porting
    Novatech's development process is currently carried out on the following operating systems: Windows 9x,NT,2k,XP, Solaris 2.8, Linux Red Hat, Unix BSD. The company has experience in cross-platform applications development.
  •  Reengineering and reverse engineering
    Complete or partial reengineering of existing systems can be performed by Novatech's specialists on a client's demand.

Novatech gained expertise in the following business fields:
  •  Solutions for finance
  •  Billing solutions
  •  Solutions for telecommunications
  •  Web e-commerce solutions

Offshore IT team building and management

Novatech proposes the unique blend made of the team of highly experienced engineers and operation management that supports the team's stable work. Novatech carries responsibility for infrastructure, labors, confidentiality, legal and other organizational issues. Service level agreement may be concluded to meet specific customer need.

IT maintenance and support

Remote maintenance and support of customer's IT infrastructure may be performed as a single service or as a part of complete outsourcing solution.


During its history Novatech has managed to successfully accomplish over 50 projects...


Novatech adheres to the Rational Unified Process best project management practices to achieve project goals and deliver results in schedule and budget.


Web development, complex multi-tired and multi-platform programming, database development, warehouse and OLTP solutions with million transactions processed daily.